Through careful conservation and years of patience, we can now sustainably hunt a number of species. Nchila is well known for the exceptional quality of our Sable in addition to the many other species available.

In order to provide the best and safest hunting experience possible, we prefer to only accommodate one hunter at a time. However, if absolutely necessary, we will accommodate up to three. Of course, spouses and observers are most welcome. Each hunter will be assigned a Professional Hunter unless they are willing to share Pete’s time.

A selection of recent trophies are displayed below. Please be sure to read our Terms & Conditions here.


2016 Season

Record Oribi taken with muzzle loader - Justin Ragazzine October 2016

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2014 Season

William Eike with Livingstones Eland

William Eike with Livingstones Eland
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2013 Season

Sergey Yastryzhembsky with 47.25" Sable in November 2013

Sergey Yastryzhembsky with 47.25
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